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Jeans Station 
Project Sem 4

JeanStation was founded in Des Moines, Iowa, in 1991 as a retail store of casual clothes with denim playing the main part in the product range. By 1997, JeanStation became a leading brand in denim wears with outlets in 15 major cities including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Silicon Valley. By 2012, JeanStation opened more than 100 stores.
To keep pace with the changing scenarios of retail marketing, JeanStation have decided to implement an online shopping system, to automate the process of purchasing their products.

The Current System

Currently, each JeanStation store has a store manager who leads the other staff of the store to perform the day-to-day operations.
To market their products, JeanStation uses the print and electronic media. JeanStation also has a website that they update to showcase the products available in their stores.
However, the current system of retail marketing has several limitations. Often customers who walk in to a store to buy a new advertised product complain when the product does not arrive at the store. As a result customers return back disappointed. In addition, most of the competitors of JeanStation have launched e-commerce solutions to make it convenient for customers to buy apparels without the need to visit a store.
All these factors are not only affecting the brand image of JeanStation but are also reducing sales, which has resulted in a loss in the company's revenue.

The Envisioned System

The management of JeanStation, headed by their CEO has realized that in order to increase the presence of their brand, the current system needs to be updated to reach out to more customers irrespective of their geographical locations. Hence, the management has decided to introduce an e-commerce solution to automate the process of selling their products.
Accordingly, the management has tied up with a software development organization. The management has instructed the organization to create an online shopping store application named JeanStationOnline that can be used by customers to buy products. The application should also allow employees of JeanStation to manage products and orders.
In the first phase, the JeanStationOnline application will automate the process of buying products online. In this phase, all orders will be processed at a centralized location and delivery arranged through the relevant store. During the subsequent phases, each store will have its own custom interface through which it will be able to manage the orders specific to that store.
To provide the envisioned functionalities, the JeanStationOnline application should have the following features during the first phase:
  • The application should be accessible over the Internet.
  • The system should allow a customer to perform the following operations:
    • Browse the store to view products.
    • Add and remove products from an online shopping basket.
    • Place a shopping order by providing delivery information.
  • The system should allow an authorized administrator to perform the following operations:
    • Add new products.
    • Edit information of products.
    • Delete products.
    • View status of placed orders.
    • Update the status of an order to be delivered.
  • The system should have a mechanism, where discounts on the total price of an order can be configured through an XML file.
  • To implement the features, the following specifications have been laid down to design the JeanStationOnline application:
    • The application should be developed in ASP.NET MVC.
    • The design, layout, and navigation of the application should be uniform across all Web pages.
    • Shopping activities of customers should be tracked across a user's session through a shopping cart.
    • User authentication should be form-based.
    • User authorization should be role-based.
    • The data provided by the user must be validated.
    • Discount notifications should be easily configured through an XML file.
    • Static views of the application should be cached.
    • The application should provide information on the company's profile and its contact details.
    As an ASP.NET developer, you have been assigned the task to create the JeanStationOnline application.

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